Fast forward and rewind dreams

I was reading books for the whole day. I tried reading speedily, then again tried with more speed. Now with extreme speed, that is million times faster than normal speed. I feel changes in my brain. It’s very quick in thoughts and actions. Whatever I’m doing is done more than normal speed.

In my deep sleep while I’m dreaming that dream went very fast which like fast forwarding a movie.  It’s terrible and fear filled when I dreaming because I’m traversing too fast similar to the speed of light. I’m inert as fear shut my mouth, also my hands and legs are frozen.

If  I rewind my dreams I was in the history and while forwarding I’m moving too fast to the future.

I left from my body bag giving it a deep sleep. I tried to take control of the dream like changing my direction of movement.

I’m in the space like a balloon floating in air, but traveling at a speed which a balloon can’t travel.

I’m traversing from beginning to the end and I realized the beginning is not far from the end because my path is a ring.


Magical creature in graveyard

Your eyes calling me…
Tonight we will have the feast!
Meet me at the graveyard at midnight

I’ll wait for you.
Kiss me wild, hug me tight and keep me closer.

Graveyard is my favorite place to love where dead people are alive.
It’s calm and safer than a city where deadly persons live.

Fragrance from midnight born flowers, the darkness was taken by the
light of Magical Creatures eyes.

Insect’s sounds are music to my ears.

Smoke is coming up from the grave.

This is wonderful situation and the place is fascinating.
Stars watching in lurking place, the moon felt shy and closed her eyes.

Snakes were dancing in pairs to the rhythm of night birds songs.

The wind blew wild making dead leaves fly towards sky and living green leaves to
fell down on ground.

She is near me and her lips were too close to my lips.

The dripping wine from her lips wetted my lips.

The skeleton people who were guarding us disappeared when the Sun said Good Morning.
Magical creature is now blended with the sunlight.

Magical creature!

It was the time when I was beset by darkness…

It was midnight when I longed for light.

I saw magical creatures’ magnetic eyes gazed over me with love.

Her eyes showered me light.

She is light wrapped inside black apparel.
At that time my heart began singing…
“Magical creature’s magnetic eyes,
Love me at midnight-

My fairy don’t leave me –

Missing you a day I’ll faint.”

White sparkles inside blue liquid

A small bottle in the table is alluring me; it contains white sprinkles mixed with blue gel liquid.

Its aura spreads the whole room which stimulated appetite and my tongue drops because of the sweetness mixed the humidity of air.

I moved near the bottle and opened it. When I drank an ounce of that liquid I lost my original sense and renewed with new senses. I realized the world now I’m seeing is the real and my
real old sense gave me an illusion of this real world. The mystic liquid gave me the key to the real world just by repairing my senses.

Dancing snakes inside my eyes

Snakes that sunk into my liquid eyes long before begin to dance now. They came to the surface of my eyes floating horizontal and parell to earth and sky. They were attracted towards the magnitude of her eyes.

My passion passed to her eyes when they bite her eyes. When her lips opened, many butterflies escaped and sheltered over me. They started flying around us when her lips closed my lips. They rested over us when she stopped.

She sweated honey while falling on the ground grew as plants that blooms many flowers. When her hands moved over my skin so many honey bees formed and they went to love the flowers.